OPEN Saturdays

11am - dusk!


Fresh, organic EGGS and select produce!


6215 Wahl Rd. 

Freeland WA, 98249 

The Farm Stand is open again!  Saturdays only 11am - dusk!!  

We're super excited for an amazing 2021!  

In this early-season we are offering fresh, organic EGGS (including duck) and a small selection of produce.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to be added to our Farm Friends email list to receive updates.


Tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, garlic, flowers, mixed and bunched greens, onions, eggplant, melons, Brussels sprouts, carrots, beets, peas, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries and SO MUCH more.....

Nettle Forest Farm was our vision from the first moment we met, when we shared our mutual dream of creating a small farm.  Five years later, in the Fall of 2015, after a cross country move and finding the property of our dreams, we planted our first garlic beds (protected by poultry netting).  In the years since, we've grown it into a third-of-an-acre organic vegetable farm and a fruit orchard.  

Our fledgling farm is not a commercial enterprise.  It doesn’t look like a commercial farm and we don’t intend for it to grow into one.  Since the initial tilling of the little abandoned pasture in 2015, all the work to create the farm has been done with our own hands.  

Our vision has been for the property to remain wild, in spite of the undeniable change our presence has brought.  And it is wild - not just on the edges - and this intention flows into the organic, permaculture and biodynamic inspired food we grow. 


We truly believe in the importance and radical nature of choosing to feed ourselves from our locale, as a step towards sustainability, personal and community resilience, and opting out of the carbon intensive industrial food system (including industrial organic).

We’ve come a long way, and are thrilled to have the new farm stand open on Wahl Road to share with our neighbors.  It may not grow much beyond that, but who knows? 

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